About Us

Pyramid Premier Properties is a multi-disciplinary and one of Hawaii’s leading Design + Build firm recognized for our approach to luxury turn-key custom homes.

Founded by Tim Gutierrez, Pyramid Premier Properties produces magnificent, quality homes which are among the most sought after in Hawaii. Led by over four decades of experience and his company’s moto “built to last”, Tim has designed and constructed homes with a wide range of design styles ranging from Traditional, Mediterranean, Contemporary Hawaiian, and Modern, all of which boasts the intricate craftsmanship that is Pyramid’s reputation. Specializing in creating custom luxury homes for both regional and international clientele, Pyramid Premier Properties’ homes have consistently sold and resold for the highest price per square foot in newly built and renovated houses in the Kahala community. By personally guiding every detail from its initial conception to the construction and final furnishings, Tim prides himself on creating an unbroken series of unique, unparalleled homes exhibiting the “modern luxury lifestyle.”

At Pyramid Premier Properties, we design structures that are copesetic with Hawaii’s unique environment. Integrating the indoors and outdoors we create environments that seamlessly transitions between living, working, and playing. Our approach to interior design is to create spaces that are warm, inviting, functional, aesthetic and well balanced – choreographing both form and function to enhance every moment of our client’s unique lifestyle.

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